Easier Gardening

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Doff have years of gardening know how. We know its all the same things that can annoy new and experienced gardeners a like. Its some of these things that Doff can offer a helping hand, to make gardening just that little bit easier, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Let us help you to control nuisance pests with easy to use trigger action Greenfly & Blackfly sprayer- just point and shoot. Nothing could be easier!

We know all about slugs and snails gnawing holes in all your juicy green leaves, we've been producing Slug Killer Pellets since 1953! Today we have an extensive range of easy to apply products to help eliminate these common pests.

Eliminate endless digging out of tough weeds and riddling out those in difficult places the easy way! Apply one of our  'Ready to Use' weed killers such as Knockdown Systemic Weed Killer. All you have to do is apply and be a little patient. Get on with something that feels a little more productive like planting, or collecting your crops. Save your aching back and return to the weeds later, because now they will be killed with our Systemic acting products. Sooo easy!

It's easy to get your tomatoes to be top drawer, your hanging baskets to be brimming, your roses to be resplendent  and your winter or spring bedding to be beautiful by using one of Doff plant specific feeds. It even says on the packet which product is best for which plant. If that's not easy enough then choose one of our many general plant feeds, such as Liquid Growmore. You don't even need to find  something to measure it out in for dilution, because it comes with its own integral measure!

Doff have even thought of those of you that are, perhaps, a little more knowledgeable and know exactly which nutrient you would like to administer to your plants. Doff have a range of nutrient specific feeds for easy selection of choice.

Doff doesn't just make it easy for you to care for your plants and get the best from them, we can make it easier for you to have successful cuttings with our Hormone Rooting products and we can make it easier for you to keep your patio and decking up to scratch with one of our cleaning products.

May be getting the perfect lawn is your ultimate goal to frame your gorgeous flower borders or to play boules? Doff can even make this easy for you. We have a feed for every need, with integral measures to make it easy to use. Stubborn moss and weeds in the lawn need no longer be a problem for you. Doff have easy to use trigger action, point and shoot lawn and moss weed killers. Could it be easier? Maybe it could. Just for you, Doff have got a product that can do it all! 'Lawn Feed and Weed ' goes one step further and does the whole job for you, as the name suggests, to help towards that perfect lawn -  all in one bottle!

Gardening just couldn't be any easier with Doff's garden products!