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Doff Portland Limited
Aerial Way
Off Watnall Road
NG15 6DW

Main Office No: 0115 983 4300
Main Office Fax No: 0115 983 4330

Company Reg. No. 421826
VAT Registration No. GB-116-5538-73


For any information regarding sales enquiries only, please contact our sales department.

TEL: 0115 983 4322
EMAIL: [email protected]


If you require any information about an order, please contact our dispatch department.

TEL: 0115 983 4301
EMAIL: [email protected]


For any of the following:

  • Product information
  • Product usage
  • Product complaints
  • COSHH Material Safety Data Sheets

TEL: 0115 983 4335
EMAIL: [email protected]


If you're trying to find our products to buy you can contact us for stockist information with the following details.

TEL: 0115 983 4300
EMAIL: [email protected]

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Doff Portland Limited, Aerial Way, Off Watnall Road, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, NG15 6DW | Main Office: 0115 983 4300 | Fax: 0115 983 4330 | Company Reg: 421826 | VAT Reg: GB-116-5538-73