Nutrient Specific Feeds

Sometimes plants need more of one particular nutrient than another, maybe to replenish a deficiency in the soil.

That is when a nutrient specific fertilizer becomes essential to re-address the balance. Doff's range of nutrient specific fertilizers covers all your needs.

Tell-tale signs of deficiency:

  • Nitrogen: older, lower postioned leaves may become pale yellow and new growth yellow with dark spots
  • Phosphorus: small leaves may appear to turned a reddish-purple tint, older leaves become very dark and leaf tipsmay look burnt
  • Potassium: yellowing between the veins of the leaf and older leaves may wilt or look scorched at their edges
  • Iron: yellowing of newer leaves
  • Magnesium: slow growth with pale yellow leaves

Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic

Why Buy... High iron soluble feed

Sulphate of Iron

Why Buy... Iron rich

Super Phosphate

Why Buy... Quick acting

Sulphate of Ammonia

Why Buy... Quick acting

Sulphate of Potash

Why Buy... Essential potassium
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