Plant specific feeds

Do you have a favorite plant, a productive plant you want to get so much more from or an usual plant that needs a little more attention? Doff have a wide range of  'Plant Specific Feeds' to administer love and affection to your special ones whether they are big or small.

General plant feeds

Most gardeners out there are a little competitive, maybe only with the neighbour over the garden fence, but much more seriously at the village fete or maybe just quietly with ourselves to get more and better fruit, veg, or flowers than last year. You will find in Doff's range of general plant feeds a fertilizer to suit just you and your gardens requirements to give all your plants a boost for healthier, stronger plants.

Nutrient specific feeds

Sometimes plants need more of one particular nutrient than another, maybe to replenish a deficiency in the soil. That is when a nutrient specific fertilizer becomes essential to re-address the balance. Doff's range of nutrient specific fertilizers covers all your needs.

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