Insect Controllers

There are hundreds of different creepy crawlies in the garden and in our home. Many do no harm and some are beneficial. Unfortunately there are still a large number that damage or kill our plants and some that are very unpleasant to have around, spoil our BBQ's and may even cause potentially fatal human conditions.

Doff have a range to tackle those insects we really don't want around any more.

Ant Attack

Why Buy... Easy to use

Ant Bait Station

Why Buy... Effective

Ant Killer

Why Buy... Ready-to-use

Ant & Crawling Insect Killer

Why Buy... Long lasting control

Flying & Crawling Insect Killer

Why Buy... Instant control

Woodlice Killer

Why Buy... Rapid effect

Wasp Nest Killer

Why Buy... Fast acting

Foaming Wasp Nest Destroyer

Why Buy... Aerosol application

Greenfly & Blackfly Killer

Why Buy... Natural and effective

Indoor Plants Pest Spray

Why Buy... Effective control

'All-In-One' Bug Spray

Why Buy... Rapid action

Organic Pest Spray

Why Buy... Organic and natural
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