Pest Control

Slug killers

Love them or hate them, no garden will ever be free of slugs and snails. When you realise that there will be an average of 200 slimy slithers in every cubic metre of soil, not to mention the snails!

Insect control

There are hundreds of different creepy crawlies in the garden and in our home. Many do no harm and some are beneficial. Unfortunately there are still a large number that damage or kill our plants and some that are very unpleasant to have around, spoil our BBQ's and may even cause potentially fatal human conditions. Doff have a range to tackle those insects we really don't want around any more.

Fungus control

Any form of fungus is hard to eradicate, so treat with fungicide as soon as possible. Clear away and destroy all fallen debris around the affected plant where the fungus harbour and may spread to other plants.

Rodent control

Rats and mice must be one of the most unwelcome garden or house guests and not without good reason. Both carry disease which can potentially be very serious to humans e.g. Weil's disease from rats, infects about 200 people a year potentially causing kidney or liver failure. Lyme disease from mice causes fever and headaches. Both should be eradicated as soon as possible, from you garden or home.

Cat & dog repellent

We all love our domestic companions, cats and dogs. But not all of us want them in our own homes and garden. And there isn't many of us that appreciates the neighbours' cat coming into our own garden to do its toilet duties, or a dog trampling through our delphiniums! Doff can provide you with a product help repell those unwanted guests.

Wildlife repellent

Most of us don't mind the idea of well trained or our own domestic animals and wildlife in the garden and may positively encourage it. However at times they can be a nuisance to our carefully nurtured plants and vegetables.

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