Lawn feeds

Lots of us have a lawn, whether it's small or large. It can be used for all sorts of things, football, croquet, tennis, picnics, sunbathing or simply to frame our flower borders. But whatever the purpose of your lawn, the sight of a beautiful well cared for luscious green lawn, does make most of us just a little bit 'green with envy'. Go on admit it! Doff has something to help you achieve that perfect lawn.

Feed & weed

Today we are all so busy and simply don't always have the time to do everything we should do, to get a velvety green lawn. But you don't have to compromise - let Doff 'feed and weed' your lawn at the same time, to help you to achieve that velvety green lawn all in one go!  Marvelous! Now all you have to do is go and put the kettle on.

Lawn moss & weed killers

Oh for a perfect lawn. Sometimes there are more stubborn weeds and or moss that need individual attention. Doff has a product to help you shift those annoying persistent weeds or moss when that's all there is between you and a perfect lawn.

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